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The Line has developed a series of Learning Resources to accompany its programme. These resources have been produced with artists and education consultants and are inspired by artworks on The Line. The Learning Resources are designed to enhance the curriculum and to encourage debate and discussion about the meaning of art in public space. They can be used in conjunction with a visit to The Line or via the website.

Our first sets of resources are inspired by the work of Thomas J Price and Larry Achiampong. Each pack includes Teaching Notes and a presentation to be used in class.

Nature in Mind

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The school trip resource has been tailored to the KS2 curriculum and aims to provide lesson starting points that you can deliver to your students, inspired by art and heritage points along the route of The Line. The focus of this particular resource is on the history of the textiles trade around the areas of Stratford and Bow as well as artworks by late artist Madge Gill whose work is exhibited on The Line.

The classroom resource includes two one-hour activities to use in conjunction with the Nature in Mind school trip resource. They have been inspired by Robert Jones’ etching and Madge Gill’s work.

Nature in Mind - school trip resource

Download pdf 9mb

Nature in Mind - classroom resource

Download pdf 862kb

Thomas J Price

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Two lessons for Years 5-9.

Reaching Out considers Price’s artwork ‘Reaching Out’, installed on The Line from July 2020 – August 2022, exploring how the sculpture was created and why it is important. The lesson opens up discussions about representation, power and diversity in our society.

Statues asks students to consider who statues should represent, and to make the case for commemorating an individual who has contributed to UK society. The lesson raises questions about representation, stereotyping, diversity and inclusion.


Reaching Out - Teaching Notes

Download pdf 2mb

Reaching Out - Class Presentation

Download pdf 3mb

Statues - Teaching Notes

Download pdf 3mb

Statues - Class Presentation

Download pdf 6mb


The Thomas J Price Learning Resources have been developed by The Line (written by Sim Khera-Lye) and funded by the London Legacy Development Corporation through the Neighbourhood Priorities Fund.

Larry Achiampong

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Three lessons for Years 5-9.

Flags explores why flags are important and what they symbolise. Students create a flag to represent their identity. The themes of the lesson are oppression, racism and equality.

Relic Travellers I draws on Achiampong’s work to pose the question ‘if a time traveller observed our society, what would they learn’? Students consider how our society is structured and whether it is fair.

Relic Travellers II inspires students to imagine themselves as travellers seeking out vocal testimonies of people from the African diaspora. Students consider what we can learn from the past to prepare for the future. The themes of the lesson are prejudice and discrimination.

Flags - Teaching Notes

Download pdf 396kb

Flags - Class Presentation

Download pdf 5mb

Relic I - Teaching Notes

Download pdf 351kb

Relic I - Class Presentation

Download pdf 5mb

Relic II - Teaching Notes

Download pdf 4mb

Relic II - Class Presentation

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The Larry Achiampong Learning Resources have been developed by The Line (written by Sim Khera-Lye)  and funded by the London Community Response Fund administered by City Bridge Trust.

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