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Walking The Line is a great way for families and friends to spend time together in the open air and experience culture and local heritage for free.

The artworks act as an impetus to get people visiting this under-utilised stretch of East London’s waterways and in doing so enable them to (re)discover the fascinating stories and wildlife on their doorsteps, as well as being inspired by the art. Viewing artworks together is a great way to open up conversations across the generations; from pre-schoolers to grandparents, everyone will have an opinion on what they see and what it means to them. For those wishing to delve deeper, the works on The Line raise fascinating questions about time, the human body and place and provoke debate about the environment, our society and identity.

The chance to view works outside of a gallery brings art within reach of all and helps challenge perceptions of who art is for.

Make The Line

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This resource includes activities focusing on and inspired by the artworks located at the Royal Docks and Greenwich Peninsula. They are designed to be done at home or school, and the discussion questions provide conversation prompts while out on the route of The Line. This resource is for all ages and all the materials and equipment you need should be easily found at home or at school.

Take further inspiration from the short films of Antony Gormley and Abigail Fallis, showcasing their activities below.

Share your creations with us on social media @TheLineLondon #TheLineLondon

IFS activity pack - Make The Line

Download pdf 36mb

IFS activity pack - Make The Line - B&W version

Download pdf 13mb

The Living Line

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This activity pack has been designed by East London-based illustrator Somang Lee to accompany the site-specific work, The Living Line. With the same intention of the commissioned artwork, to encourage people to explore the plants, birds and insects that can be discovered along the route of The Line, this activity pack provides practical activities to engage children and families.

The pack includes instructions to grow your own seedlings, spotter sheets for birds, plants and insects, nature-based mindfulness exercises, a nature journal and instructions to make a seed bomb.

The Living Line - Digital Activity Pack

Download pdf 762kb

The Living Line - Activity Pack (printable)

Download pdf 18mb

House of Fairy Tales

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A booklet full of inspirational ideas and tales to accompany your visit or for fun at home.

House of Fairy Tales - Walk The Line

Download pdf 3mb

How To Make a Flipbook

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How To Make a Flipbook

This is a learning activity designed to accompany Diver (2012), a light installation by Ron Haselden, and teach students in Reception and Year 1 how to make a flipbook.

Download pdf 35mb

Watch Abigail Fallis build her Tin Can Sculpture

Watch Antony Gormley's Stick Challenge part I

Watch Antony Gormley's Stick Challenge part II

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