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Upcoming artwork

Helen Cammock

Bridging The Lea, 2024

Cammock’s monumental installation will span the River Lea with a backdrop of the industrial estates, vibrant wildlife, and property developments along the riverbanks. By connecting the natural and urban landscapes, the artwork will offer a profound understanding of the site’s context, changing shape of communities and the idea that movement and migration are part of human existence.

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Helen Cammock was born in Staffordshire, UK in 1970. She studied at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art, London, and currently lives between London and Wales. Helen Cammock works across film, photography, print, text, and performance. She produces works stemming from a deeply involved research process that explore the complexities of social histories. Central to her practice is the voice: the uncovering of marginalised voices within history, the question of who speaks on behalf of whom and on what terms, as well as how her own voice reflects in different ways on the stories explored in her work.

Cammock was a joint winner of the Turner Prize in 2019, nominated for her solo exhibition The Long Note at Void Gallery, Derry (2018) which was subsequently exhibited at Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2019). Commissioned by Void, The Long Note is a film which explores the history and role of women in the civil rights movement in Derry Londonderry in 1968, a period generally acknowledged to be the starting point of the Troubles – the Northern Ireland conflict that spanned the 1960s through to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

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