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Past artwork
May 2015 – August 2019

Sterling Ruby

Consolidator #654321

Aluminium 175.3 × 233.7 × 642.6 cm

Consolidator #654321 belongs to a series of geometric sculptures executed by the American artist Sterling Ruby (b.1972). The sculpture references traditional cannon monuments, which often commemorate the location of a historical fortification or a battleground. This work, whose shape also resembles that of a coffin, evokes the power implied in political monuments, while at the same time pointing to an inherent powerlessness within those structures. The artist fabricates these sculptures in many different materials, including wood, Formica, steel and bronze;Consolidator #654321 is made from marine grade aluminium. The number in the title references the hexadecimal code for the colour. 

Courtesy the artist

Image: Vassilis Skopelitis

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