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Past artwork
April 2016 – January 2017

James Balmforth

Inhibition Point, 2015

Corten and stainless steel 300 × 39 × 39 cm

Inhibition Point  confronts the viewer with the realities of force, gravity, balance and duration. In harnessing these properties, the British artist James Balmforth (b.1980) has captured the moment that a destructive power is suppressed. The central part of the column has been excavated, however just enough of the steel remains to inhibit the sculpture from collapsing. In this work, the most monumental by Balmforth to date, both the scale and implied weight of the sculpture heighten the power of the viewer’s experience. Inhibition Point  was specifically created for this site and was the first work commissioned by The Line.

Courtesy James Balmforth and Hannah Barry Gallery

Image: Luis Veloso

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