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Albert Potrony

How Do You Play?, 2024

Potrony’s interactive installation explores the realms of intercultural and intergenerational play, creating a space of joy, fun, and boundless freedom. Through undirected play, the commission aims to foster a sense of unity and shared experience among residents and visitors alike.

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Albert Potrony is an artist with a participatory practice examining ideas of identity, community and language. Potrony is interested in generating social spaces through his projects, and participation from diverse groups and individuals is a key element of his work.

Recent projects include equal play (2021-2022) for BALTIC, Gateshead -a play installation, reading space and participatory project looking at equality and care through the lens of childcare and men’s roles in it. La Bona Mort / The Good Death (2021), a collaborative project exploring end of life and grief, with the support of the Art for Change programme, Spain. A 24-Hour Truce (2019), a public reading/performance on sexuality, anti-sexism and feminism, part of the ongoing Achilles Heel Projectcommissioned by Arnolfini, Bristol, for the exhibition Still I Rise, Feminisms, Gender, Resistance, Act 3. A Gift (2018), a video and sound installation that reflects on the importance of charity shops in the current economic climate, and their ability to generate alternative communities of need, commissioned by Quiet Down There, and Play As Radical Practice (2017), commissioned by Serpentine Galleries’ Changing Play programme, testing the subversive power of play within an ever more compartmentalised education system.

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